Billionaire Boys Club

by Dealer

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The exact moment of Dealer’s formation is almost impossible to pin down. Lost in a fug of thick smoke, alcohol and noise; somewhere and someplace out of time and mind.

Tentatively starting out life as Sexless – featuring founding member Kevin Klausen on guitar/vocals and fellow Los Angelean Samantha Mancino on drums – the duo would make a habit of throwing open jam sessions to anyone in earshot. Years prior and by his own admission, Klausen had lost heart after numerous false starts attempting to form his own band and gave up on making music to assume the mantle of tour manager for close friends, The Shrine. Helping the band across Europe and struck by their professionalism, after years on the road he returned in the Spring of 2013 with a handful of songs and a newfound focus.

“After seeing all these straight ahead rock and roll bands everywhere we went, I was really eager to start my own project but wanted to do something totally different,” explains Klausen. “We started out as this grungy weirdo dissonant punk band. In the early days we treated it more like a sort of art statement rather than a categorical band, it was really abstract and fun but in a way very naive.”

Relocating to Oakland, Sexless performed a first few shows with whatever bassist could be landed until the night the band met Aaron Cundy of local outfit Easy Living. Followed soon after by the conscription of John Zamora on drums after the departure of Mancino they soon hit upon the sound they were seeking. Sorely shredding their way through discordant moments of pre-punk history – often in a crazed reverie of hard rock solos and cocksure hellfire – they stalked the grooves of Black Flag’s "Slip It In" and the riffs of Voivod’s "Killing Technology." All the while, sporting the sharpest Canadian tuxedos they could find.

When Zamora eventually chose to leave the band in May 2015, Klausen and Cundy sought total reformation. Drafting in new drummer Darien McKinney for shows, they performed their final gig as Sexless on the 4th of June 2016 before entering Earhammer Studios to record a debut album with producer Greg Wilkinson (Iron Lung, Graves at Sea, Lecherous Gaze) just two days later.

A proposed “cocktail of heavy metal, punk, grunge and rock and roll,” the trio emerged with "Billionaire Boys Club" in hand as Dealer. With the journey now at its end, the album will drop via Wicked World Records on the 17th of February 2017.


released February 17, 2017

Engineered by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios.

Produced by Greg Wilkinson and Kevin Klausen.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Cover photo by George Carpenter.



all rights reserved


Dealer Oakland, California

Kevin - Guitar/Vocals

Aaron - Bass

Darien - Drums


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Track Name: AM Gold
Is she man or machine?
Fastest cast ever seen
You’ve been trained to allure
Baby’s awfully mature
He’s a social disease
Like every shark on the breeze
Wither alone in the end
Red hollow eyes

Cold black breath
Rave on through the muck and the mire
True to possess
Use shameless deceipt to acquire

Overfed, undergrown
Just a snake without a home
Though more resembles a worm
With every grace watch him squirm
Now she is happening to me
Been hypnotized, set me free
With her alone in the end
Red hollow eyes

Still you I crave,
Still you whom I despise
Been stained
Been chained
How time flies

These burning gashes prove my queen was real
Here new sensation--this gaping wound is yours to fill
Track Name: Odious Charm
Sick creep
Vile, cheap
Low life
Low bar
But can you make me a star?
Need only tell me how far

Rule fate
Chum, bait
Fair sin
A true liar
Old moral burn with the fire
Now baby feed my desire

With slick patent sleaze
Know you can rest at ease
Track Name: Slur
Same fake disgrace
You twitch in place
A wind will blow
Go tread in tow
And find out
Just who

Few realize
Such cheap disguise
Ain't who you were
All such a blur

Yet still you crave
Life wild, depraved
Best to derail
Lest you should fail

All hail
One mad bore
Track Name: Total Horse
Artlessly draining
I'm so tired all the time
Just soak in the brine
Sink in the brine
Shrink in the brine
Make stink in the brine

So fascinated by such
Lifeless divine
Mannequinn puppets
You shrink back

Now Come Clean

This race is injust
You'll feel it in time
Soon fall like the others to crawl
Once such gall

Yet your misfortune's mine
One bleak contractual bind
Defile last wilderness
Die then confess
Track Name: She's As Beautiful As A Foot
She's as beautiful as a foot
She's as beautiful as a foot
She heard someone say
The other day

Didn't believe it when he bit into her face
Didn't believe it when he bit into her face
It tasted like a fallen arch

She's as beautiful as a foot
She's as beautiful as a foot
She heard someone say
The other day

Don't put your mouth on the bloody toothmark place
Don't put your mouth on the bloody toothmark place
Look at her now
A guernsey cow
Track Name: Stone Freak
Naked innocent
Bed of Lies
The barren images
Still rape my mind
Flashes on the inner screen
Thoughts unreal
Gone nowhere, nobody now
True nature
I Must fight to conceal

Can't undo
This raw deal

Once had a will to live
One precious soul
Lost her to the cancerous lust
Of rock and roll
Yet still the city burns
Unholy grind
Maybe soon I could return
If first I could learn to go blind
So blind...

Lay vacant in a dream
Til daylight may shred the seams
See no escape by any means
Slave to the reality
Slave to the reality
Slave to the reality
Slave to a sweet memory

Well, I'll be damned
We'll all be damned
Track Name: Fester
Sweet surrender
Life asinine
Soon join the million
Resilient swine
So free indeed
Unveil my dread
Damn head
Soft brain full of thick persuasive lead
And truth said
May have the cure
But mine is wine

Vermillion tender
Defies straight greed
Shoot from the hip boy
Now watch 'em bleed
Exceed the need
Extract then leave 'em dead
A stooge bred
Two ounce golden bullet to the head
And truth said
I'm just a face you'll soon revile in time
So unwind
Once grasp exceeds the reach
Pure hate is blind

Or love refined?
Track Name: Solar Dominion
Regress in stride
Smoldering pride
Fool's golden chains
Remissive fuel
The poison boils in my veins
No will to abstain
Just rattle my brain
Trajectory's plain
All down

Our fate's intwined
Last hour's assigned
Now what's to gain?
All burn to dust
Our pagan idols shall remain
In unnatural exchange
Earth conscience
Derangedly estranged

Projected demise
Roll through white skies
Horrors ingrained
Who'll end it all
Oh baby let the terror reign
Said victim in pain
Begot on the blistering plain
With wit to submit to
Dispassionate strain
Track Name: In The Flesh
End of a cigarette
Return of a burning regret
So peel off and throw away
Peel off the skin of today
And fly away

To ride the night
Ride the night
She's so right
Miss delight is so right

Love shot of novacane
Congealed by a pleasant mundane
Two maintain
Kill for a thrill, still I restrain
Just medicate as needed for the pain
And self destruct
To keep from going insane

I'll behave
Be your slave
No I insist

Reenter the masquerade
Enclosed alone, just here to entertain
The dumb plain
Stagger drunk through steel abyss
Won't break my will
First have to break my fist
Yet prize is high, now wonder

Why resist?
Why resist?
Thought ludicrous,
Seems due time to drink the piss
Track Name: Cake Walk
Preach from the book
Still find your hell is dry
Inept crusade
I'll be the next you crucify
Don't own a thought
This one I've loaded, it ain't mine
Just like to hold it to the sun
And watch it shine

So hail on me
So high and free
No intrigue
Just exist to feed

Outspoken artist
Only paints in grey
His evil tends to leave
His demons tend to stay
Either succumb
Or teeter freely on the fray
There find it hard to die
And yet so easy to decay

Fine prey
No reflex
Just can't stay

Acidic mesmerizing
Supersonic zeal
Siphoned blood runs through the veins
That crank the wheel
Useless creations
Of a bumbling human kind
Such daft communion
Soon leave them all behind